About Critical Illusion

Critical Illusion was formed in 2014 by Paweł Penksa to separate his different music worlds. It's trailer music/score project created to bring live in all kinds of commercials, movies, games and trailers (and more...). Critical Illusion always take an individual approach to every piece of music. 

From the beginning CI made music for several short films, games and theater plays. Recently CI made music for teaser of game "Path of Damned" from White Fennec Studio and music for strategy game (will be announce soon). Please note that "Credits" contains Pawel's works of the pre-2014 years. 

At this moment Critical Illusion is working on first album album with epic style music. It will be release on 2016.

Paweł Penksa - former of Critical Illusion, composer, keyboardist. Besides Critical Illusion he is working on his first full lenght solo album in progmetal style.